• IC components for compact and slim electronic products are usually limited by available space and height. A ceramic heat sink not only adapts to these two factors but also eases the design and applies a cooling structure of electronic products.

• The entirely new material structure of a ceramic heat sink moves heat by air circulation (without external force) through the embedded radiation microporous ceramic material such that the accompanying IC components can operate continuously in a given temperature environment.

• A ceramic heat sink is non-electrical conductive, humidity and dust proof by its special material nature. With a long life span and simple assembly process (simply paste it to the surface of any IC component) a ceramic heat sink saves not only assembly time but also material and labor costs.

• Ceramic heat sinks are now adopted by IC of power under 10W while specially designed ones are also available for high-watt ICs. They are both ROHS and REACH compliant green material.

The major usage of ceramic heat radiation light shade is to replace the conventional aluminum ones for LED lights. A ceramic light shade is made of a one-piece design and is non-electrical conductive. The entire light cap is of a uniform temperature based on high-density radiation microporous material. A series of custom made cups of forms for 6~15W ball type light bulbs are available now. All meet the UL and FCC requirements and comply with ROHS and REACH green material specifications.

Multiple kinds of materials and specifications of thermal tapes are developed for applications of a variety of thermal product media. The tapes are of strong adhesion, high temperature and humidity resistant and nonconductive. Custom-made products are available.

Professional thermal media used for comprehensive IC and PCB cooling applications. These are high temperature, humidity resistant and nonconductive products special applications. User specification and potential usages are required in advance of custom designs.
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